Working for Projects

Working for random projects and working out skills!


Applied Knowledge

For all of my and our projects we are working with our knowledge we collected in our time at school, college or university.



We are trying to make everything as transparency as possible. So we have a GitHub account where you can view at least the Open Source projects!


Proof of Work

We are engaged to take screenshots and videos to proof that we are working on it for real. Videos and Screenshots can bew viewed on our Projects Sections (new projects may not have any photos yet).

Latest Projects

Sonic Re-Designed

This is a 3D Fan Game of a lot of Soinc Games we like. Me and my friend from the USA decided to make this Fan Game. We started this game back in 2018.

Codename: NotUnited

A simple FPS styled game inspired from a Shootout Multiplayer Game from N64.


This is a tool to encrypt or decipher files with an AES algorithm and built in Hex Viewer.

Latest News

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